Open Arms Christian Fellowship </br>Spring 2024 Sale

Open Arms Christian Fellowship
Spring 2024 Sale

    This organization is offering customer pickup only
    Pick Up Date & Time
    Friday, March 8 | Time of day: To Be Determined
    Pick Up Location
    Open Arms Christian Fellowship
    401 St. Paul Ave. South,
    Thief River Falls, MN
    Pickup Instructions
    Fruit can be picked up at Open Arms Christian Fellowship which is located at the corner of Hughes Street and St. Paul Ave. South.

    If you are approaching the pick-up location from either First Street or Nora Street, we recommend that you turn onto Conley Ave. and continue to Hughes St. (This will make it easy for you to park as close as possible to Open Arms.)

    From Conley Ave. turn onto Hughes Street toward the pick-up location which is a white church with a silver steeple. Pull up on the church side of the street, parking as close as possible to the double doors.

    If you are doing in-person pick up, you may enter the double doors and descend the four steps which are slightly to the right of the entry OR you may press the call button for the elevator which is to your right. When the elevator door opens, you may enter the elevator. Wait until the door closes and then press and hold the button labelled "1". The elevator will take you to the church basement where the fruit sale will be down a short hallway to your left.

    If you would like help with the elevator, please ring the bell which will be in the church entry.

    If you requested curbside pick-up, please call 218 689-3276 once you have parked on the church side of the street as close to the double doors as possible.
    Local Contact Info
    Marilyne Sayler
    (218) 681-1776