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Fundraisers with overpriced, low-quality products don't provide real value for your supporters. Low student and supporter engagement mean lower profit for your group and extra work for you! It's no wonder some people have no choice but to dread fundraising season.

There is a better way!

Delightfully Fresh Fruit

Excellent quality fruit defines who we are.  Our 40 years of experience has taught us which packers and distributors we can trust to put smiles on the faces of your customers.

Built for Fundraising

Everything we do is about helping you run your best fundraiser. Most of our competitors offer fundraising as an afterthought. We are committed to fundraising because when it’s done right, everyone smiles.

Enable Student Responsibility

Running a successful fundraiser is hard work! But who should be doing the work? We give the necessary tools directly to your student sales team to do nearly everything on their own, equipping them to learn valuable lessons about customer service and sales.

Reasonable & Competitive Pricing

We work extremely hard to get the high-quality fruit and snacks at the best pricing every year. Of course, prices go up and down, but we strive to provide you and your supporters with a great value no matter what.

Serving Our Shared Communities

Anyone can sell cheap junk to prey on people’s willingness to support your cause, but we believe in providing quality, value, and excellent service to all stakeholders: that means you, your students, AND your supporters.

40+ Years of Fruit and Fundraising

We’re deeply rooted in the Midwest, where we have been working with fruit and helping organizations build better fundraisers since 1981. We believe you can hit your funding goals and still provide real value.

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Complete Online Fundraising Platform

Offering far more than just an online sales option, myfruitsale.com simplifies nearly every aspect of your fundraiser from start to finish. Discover how our online platform assists you at every stage of your fundraiser.

Real Time Fundraiser Tracking

Say goodbye to guessing how your fundraiser is performing by logging into your dashboard anytime, day or night, to get an exact snapshot of how you’re doing. You can even see how each student is performing and who might need some encouragement.

Auto Tally Student Orders

Put the calculator down! Let our system automatically compute all your product and sales totals. Students can even enter offline orders into the system, so everything is ready for you to finalize your sale quickly.

No Cost Online Shopping

You don’t pay anything to allow your supporters to shop online, and neither do they! We cover all the costs for your to offer ecommerce shopping. Each student has a unique link and sales code to share with online shoppers for easy access and to credit the student effortlessly with the sale.

Offline Sales Entry

Students can still use paper forms to keep track of their sales. However, most groups have found that offering online and paper sales is the right mix that yields the best-performing fundraisers. Students can even take orders offline and enter them into the online system afterward.

Online Student & Admin Tools

Both group admins and students get to take advantage of our complete online fundraising system. Our tools empower you to make more of your fundraiser by doing the hard work so you and your students can focus on increasing sales.

Who we serve

Every year we work with a diverse set of over 500 groups to help them reach and exceed their fundraising goals. While we can help nearly any group raise funds, we have extensive experience with groups such as:

FFA Chapters & 4H Groups

Youth Sports Teams

Bands and Choirs

Faith Projects & Missions

Our Midwest Coverage Area

We're proud to serve an expanding area in the Midwest that includes:

Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Kansas, and Missouri

Don't see your area, contact us to let us know where you're at and how you think we might be able to serve you in the future.

How much can you earn?

We provide your group with increased buying power, flexible custom pricing, and extremely efficient operations to ensure you maximize your fundraising profit with a product you can be proud to sell to your community.
Average profit per item
Early Payment Discount

Which fundraiser is right for you?

Choose from our three seasonal fundraisers below based on the best time for your group to raise funds. Be watching for an on demand option coming soon!

Fall Sale Spring Sale Summer Sale
Fresh Fruit Selection Wide Variety Wide Variety Peaches & Lemonade Kits
Premium Snack Options Meat, Cheese, Nuts Meat, Nuts Meat, Nuts
Sale Signup Window SEP 15 - OCT 31 JAN 10 - MAR 1 MAY 1 - JUL 7
Available Selling Window OCT 1 - NOV 15 JAN 15 - MAR 15 MAY 10 - JUL 31
Delivery Window NOV 25 - DEC 20 MAR 1 - MAR 31 AUG 1 - AUG 31
Delivery Area 600 Miles 600 Miles 250 Miles
Minimum Units 125 125 100

Now Open: Signups for Summer Sale 2023

Is your group looking for quality products at an incredible value for your fundraiser this summer? Look no further than our delicious assortment of sweet peaches, fresh lemons and premium snack products. Click below to signup or contact us for more information.

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How it works

Partnering with Minntex to raise the money your organization needs is a simple, streamlined process. View the steps and then get in touch when you're ready to learn more.
Select Your Best Fundraiser

When you're ready, reach out to us to discuss your fundraiser and choose the season that's best for your group.

Customize your sale and signup

Review pricing information and use our sophisticated signup form to customize the exact details for your fundraiser.

Run & Finalize Your Sale

Enjoy the myfruitsale.com experience as you complete your fundraiser! When you’re ready, finalize your sale online with the click of a button. We’ll start working on your order asap.

Unload & Distribute

We'll get your products to you on your scheduled day and time so you and your team can distribute your products to your supporters efficiently.

Pay Early for a Discount

These days with the power of myfruitsale.com we may owe you money at the end of your sale! But if not and you pay your final balance early, you’ll earn a 1% early payment discount!

Ready to take the first step?

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Committed to Quality, Value, and Service

We stand behind the quality of every product we sell. If you are not happy for any reason, let us know and we’ll do what we can to make it right and hear your feedback so we can always work together to improve the fundraising process.

9.4 Org Admin Satisfaction

We are lucky to keep calling the same people our customers year after year, with some of our relationships lasting over 35 years! We have only been able to accomplish that by being a true partner to our customers and listening to what they say at every step of their fundraisers.

Our 9.4 out of 10 score is based on our most recent Fall Sale.

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We offer some flexibility with our pricing structure that enables you to control your total profit. We also provide a suggested pricing list that typically allows for $6-8 of profit for our fruit and snack options. Get in touch today for a demo of our products and service for more details.

We offer the best quality fruit and snacks and a wide variety of other products via our product partner program which allows you to sell other products on myfruitsale.com as a part of your fundraiser.

Minntex currently does not offer an organic product selection.

We recommend a sales period of 2 weeks and 3 weekends. (For example: Begin on a Friday, sell for two full weeks, then end on a Monday.) However, you may sell for a longer or shorter period if you wish.

None, we take care of everything needed for online sales with no additional cost to you.

No. Although Minntex recommends that you accept both types of payment, you may choose to accept only one form of payment.

Yes. We strongly recommend that you continue to use paper forms. They will include sign-up instructions for your students, and they still provide an opportunity for salespeople to showcase the product and facilitate in-person or phone sales.

No. At this time, this service is not available. We are working to offer this option in the future.

Minntex does not ship orders directly to the end consumer, so we will coordinate a delivery date with your organization to deliver your entire order to your chosen location. For delivery questions, please contact Woody at woodyj@minntexcitrus.com or (800) 646-6839.

When the truck arrives, the fruit for your organization will be clearly marked and will be separated from the fruit intended for other organizations. It is extremely important to sort your products and verify the count as soon as the fruit comes off the truck.

Your organization.

Our drivers strive to be considerate, helpful, and most importantly, on time. But they are not required to unload the truck.

Therefore, you should have an adequate number of volunteers ready to unload the truck. The number of volunteers required will depend upon the size of your order.

Please keep in mind your truck driver may have additional deliveries to be made. Your assistance in unloading as quickly as possible is greatly appreciated by both the driver and the organizations that are expecting their deliveries after yours.

More questions? We're here to help!

Give us a call today at 800-646-6839 or see below to contact your myfruitsale.com rep directly. Would you like to fill our our contact form instead? Click here to jump there now.

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