Help, Missing Features & Known Issues – Last Updated January 25, 2023

Our 2023 Spring season is underway. The online platform was completely re-designed and launched in October 2022. We are still working out some bugs and adding new features. Thanks for your patience as we work to make your fundraising experience better than ever!

Known Bugs and Issues

Currently, users that participated in a fall season sale must be disconnected from that sale before they are able to join a new fundraiser. YOU MUST CONTACT MINNTEX for help with this. We anticipate this being resolved in early February.

On rare occasions, when a customer places an order online, it won't appear in the student's or admin's dashboard. We know the cause of this, and we are currently adding any missing orders back to the dashboards each day.

If a full business day passes and you don't see an order that your customer placed, please let us know.

In the offline sales section of the main student dashboard, the uncollected amount of money is not calculating correctly. We plan to have this fixed in February.

We are aware of this issue and working to get it fixed. Rest assured that your data is correct even if the dashboard isn't updating properly.

The rank is currently not calculating correctly. The Total Sales and Items Sold for each team don't update properly when a user is removed from a team. We hope to have this fixed sometime in February. Rest assured that the behind the scenes data is correct.

We are aware of this issue and hope to have it fixed in February.

Please note that when entering offline orders, you don't have to choose the item from the drop down, but you can begin typing the item description to narrow your search results. This is a helpful tip to enter orders quickly!

Please contact Minntex if you run into this issue. It usually is a sign that we have your delivery address configured improperly on our end.

Functionality Not (Yet) Available

The Standings/Leader-board is available for students, but not org admins.

Currently, admins can go to their students page and click to sort by total dollar amount sold to see the standings.

We anticipate releasing full leader-board functionality for admin dashboards sometime in February.

This was our most requested feature for our previous version of We hope to be able to deliver this functionality by late February 2023 to help the admins enter paper orders that didn’t get put in to We are committed to adding this feature. It is on our list!

This feature will not be available for the Spring 2023 sale, however, after your sale totals have been submitted, you can contact Minntex and we can generate a profit report and email it to you.

Order Management Issues

Some users run into issues creating their Student/Org admin accounts. Please note the following:

- Some students get in a hurry on the signup page and accidentally lock themselves out by just clicking OK on the birthday entry. This marks them as underage. Just giving kids a heads up about it addresses most of the related issues.

- Some users have either not gotten or failed to click on the verification link delivered to their email. The key here is to check all folders to be sure they have it.

If you get stuck, please contact Minntex. Most of these issues can be quickly and easily resolved over the phone.

Currently, neither students nor admins can edit an offline order. We plan to have this functionally available in the future, but it may not be rolled out until after the Spring 2023 season. For this season, admins can delete an order and then it can be replaced by the admin or the student.

Online orders cannot be edited, but they can be deleted and refunded. You must contact Minntex and have us take care of this for you.

We plan to update this to look similar to the admin's view of orders sometime in February.

Currently, admins must delete offline orders for students. We anticipate releasing this feature sometime in February.

Still need help?

Please reach out if you’re stuck and need help. Most issues related to accounts and orders can quickly be resolved over the phone. Our November office hours are 8am-5pm, but it’s not uncommon for someone to be in the office outside of those hours. Leave us a voice message if you miss us and we’ll respond as soon as we are able. Phone: 800.646.6839 or 507.831.3433 | Email:

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